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This website is about Swedish polar history from 1860 to 1980 and shows resources for further research with both Swedish and international material in libraries and archives.

The website is particularly set up for researchers from the social sciences, the cultural sciences and the humanities.

The texts have been written by Anders Larsson, senior librarian and by Professor em. Aant Elzinga. Technical work has been done by Gunnar Holmlund, librarian and Lennart Stark, technician. Ph D Tyrone Martinsson has selected and elaborated all photos. All persons are active at Gothenburg University. The photos and maps are mainly from private collections held by Professor Per Holmlund and Dr. Dan Axel Hallbäck, but also from Gothenburg University Library and Grenna Museum Polarcenter. Associate Professor Lisbeth Lewander was the project leader of this website, funded by the Swedish National Council for Research.

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